In the Kitchen: Spices That Are Good for Your Health

Have you ever realized that some of the most simple health remedies in life may very well be sitting in your own spice cabinet?  Although spices can be used for flavoring purposes, some concoctions actually provide some health benefits for seniors.  Let’s explore 10 of those spices and how they can best serve your overall […]

At Home Senior Fitness with Steve Bottrill

Click the link to access resource: Easy fitness exercises for seniors or people with acute injuries. Exercises performed at your own pace. Various types of exercises, standing, seated, balance, weights, etc. Do not perform exercises if you feel pain or if a doctor has advised you not to exercise. Stay hydrated throughout exercises.

Still Got It Fitness

Don’t let age change you, change the way you age. If there was a pill that would help build stronger bone and muscles, keeping your joints supple and more flexible, and therefore lessens arthritis and overall pain, would you be interested? What if it help burn fat and increasing your metabolic rate, giving you more […]