Fun Ideas for Date Night for Seniors While Isolating at Home

Fun Ideas for Date Night for Seniors While Isolating at Home
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For seniors who are in the midst of COVID-19, it can be quite challenging to come up with recreational activities particularly for date night with a spouse or significant other. 

There’s the desires to have fun and to show your love and support for each other while still balancing out safety measures in regards to your health and well-being. 

Before making decisions on what recreational activities would be appropriate for each of you, consider where you live, your own health risk factors, and what phase of COVID-19 you are currently in?

  • Has your state or community experienced new surges in coronavirus cases?
  • Has your state created any new outdoor or public mandates (i.e. mask-wearing)?
  • What is your loved ones and your health status like (i.e. respiratory issues, heart issues, immunity problems, etc.)?

If you feel that you and your date can safely participate in public recreational activities, then that will significantly expand the list of ideas. 

While going out in public, remember to be smart and to use safe health practices (i.e. wearing a mask, washing your hands, and social distancing). 

Here are few ideas, both at home and in the community, to keep your date nights romantic and enjoyable:

  • Dinner date at a local restaurant: Choose a restaurant and go out for a nice dinner.  Call ahead of time to ask about what precautionary measures the establishment is taking and if you and your date have to come prepared for anything (wearing a mask, reserving a table, etc.).
  • A walk around a park or neighborhood: Taking a walk in an outdoor area is usually a safe bet as long as it’s not overcrowded.  Select a neighborhood, a scenic part of downtown, the beach (if it’s pretty empty), or a nice park.
  • Picnic: If you don’t trust going to a restaurant quite yet, you can always prepare food from home and then go out for a nice picnic in a quiet area.  This could be just in your backyard or at a lovely picnic spot in the park.
  • Game night: Pull out the board and card games for some friendly competition. Include food, drinks, and light background music to set the mood.
  • Movie night: Movie theaters have re-opened in many places across the country with some mandatory social distancing requirements.  If you wish to go out for a movie, call the theater ahead of time to ask about precautionary measures and whether or not there is limited seating.  If not, enjoy an intimate movie night at home with snacks, drinks, and some comfortable blankets to snuggle in.
  • Group date night: Call up other couples and arrange for a group date night.  You can meet up for dinner, a game night, karaoke night, painting night, or just for light conversation and fun.  Make sure to mind any social distancing precautions, especially for friends who have travelled or who have compromised health.

Seniors can still enjoy date nights together, even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. 

More intimate dates would be safer for couples who are married or who are already living together. 

First dates and casual dating with new people can still be done in public, but should be only with a heightened sense of caution.

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