Pet Care While Sheltering-in-Place

Pet Care While Sheltering-in-Place

With this year’s precautions for staying healthy, we have focused so much on keeping the humans in our families healthy that some of us have forgotten how to meet the needs of our animal friends.

Although general pet care hasn’t really changed much, the way seniors have to go about providing food, healthcare, and leisure has slightly altered in order to maintain sheltering-in-place recommendations.

This means simply going out to the store or to the vet for in-person visits may have changed.

Below, we have created a list of common areas of need that pets require.

Furthermore, we have added a view suggestions on how seniors can adapt their routines as pet caregivers in order to keep both pets healthy and safe:


Making a quick run to the store for some pet food can be easily converted into two ways: grocery pick-up and home-delivery.

Popular chain stores are starting (or have already begun) offering grocery pick-up where customers can purchase food online and then schedule a time to go to the store where employees will bring your items to your car.

This also goes for over-the-counter pet medication and additional supplies. If grocery pick-up is not an ideal option, seniors can also order food online and have it delivered to their door.

Household management:

Pet cleaning and living supplies can also be delivered to your door or picked up from the grocery store from the parking lot. This can include new cages, sleeping mats, hair rollers, etc.


Baths, hair management, toileting, and oral care can be easily completed from home on a regular basis. Hygiene supplies can be done through grocery pick-up as well as home delivery.

If seniors are concerned about getting their pets to groomers outside of the home, some businesses are offering social-distancing options. Call groomers ahead of time to see what the options are or learn how to conduct grooming from home through online tutorials.

Regular check-ups:

Fortunately, pet owners do not have to wait in line or schedule an appointment to physically appear in a veterinary office. There are online hotlines available 24/7, and because of the changes this year many vets have opened the option for pet owners to join in on video chat appointments right from home.

Exercise and Leisure:

Some pets do feel cooped up after a while and naturally need to get out of the house, just like many human beings. Walks are doable because it’s very simple to social distance from others.

Many cities have reopened their public pet parks, which are usually spacious enough to keep safe space between other people.

Seniors can also schedule pet playdates with others in small groups as long as their conscious about their own health and those around them.

Seniors can still successfully care for their pets this year, despite some of the changes to daily life. We live in a day and age where our online resources are plenty, but relatively new to some.

Explore your options, learn how to access provisions using online routes, and find ways to meet your needs and your pets’ needs safely.

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