Questions to Ask: Geriatric Care Manager

Questions to Ask: Geriatric Care Manager
Questions to Ask

• What services do you provide and who provides them?

• What are your credentials? Are you licensed in your professions?

• How long have you been providing care management services? How long have you been practicing in this community?

• Do you have any affiliations and memberships in community organizations?

• Are you available for emergencies? Who do you have on backup if you are not available?

• What can I expect to learn from your initial assessment? What does it include (e.g. physical and mental status, financial resources)? Who conducts the medical component, and what are their qualifications?

• How do you perform quality checks on the service providers and referrals you recommend?

• How do you communicate information to me about my parent and how often?

• How often will you have face-to-face contact with my parent?

• How many cases do you handle at one time?

• Does my insurance provider have service limitations for geriatric care management?

• What are your fees, and can you provide me with references?

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