Resources for Senior Residents of Los Angeles, CA

Resources for Senior Residents of  Los Angeles, CA
City Resident Resources

Are you a senior & a resident of Harbor City, San Pedro, Harbor Gateway or Wilmington, CA? Learn about your resident resources below:

Emergency Alert Response System

The EARS program promotes security and independence of elderly persons by providing a telecommunication device that provides 24/7 assistance in an emergency and provides social reassurance to relieve isolation.

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Family Caregiver Support Programs

If you have a job and are juggling several responsibilities, or if your family member or friend needs a lot of assistance, you may need help with caregiving, too. Whether you are expecting to become a caregiver or have been thrust into the role overnight, it is useful to know where you can get information and help.

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About Second Home

Second Home specializes in providing personalized in-home care agency and senior living referrals to families throughout Southern California. Through their extensive knowledge of 1,000’s of local senior care services, Second Home clients save time, stress, and preserve financial resources. Services are at no-cost to families. Visit or call (877) 263-2272 for more information.